for oil & gas
well construction
and operation

24/7 engineering support at all times during facility testing

LLC Gulfstream provides engineering & technology, logistic and other support for projects of well construction, survey and perforation at all stages of project implementation.

The Company engages only highly qualified personnel with all necessary certificates and licenses to render the services.

"The focus on import substitution has restarted many branches of the Russian economy. The issue is especially challenging in the energy sector. And here we have an undeniable advantage. Gulfstream is the Russian integrator; we offer ready-made solutions for Russian oil & gas companies, based on domestic equipment."

Aleksey Kazanin
General Director

We offer

Integrated engineering service during well construction

Engineering support services for offshore well construction, directional and horizontal drilling; borehole surveying, coring, mud cleaning system operation and maintenance, cementing operations in well construction, completion and workover.

Exploratory and prospecting well testing

Services for bringing wells to stable production, conducting well flow tests with the subsequent integrated data processing, analyzing well testing results, preparing an operation report, providing recommendations on optimum operation mode.

Geophysical well survey

Geophysical support for well testing, production logging while drilling, wireline operations, sampling, vertical seismic profiling (VSP), geophysical well survey and VSP data processing and interpretation.

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Our philosophy

We pay special attention to risk management activities and development of measures to reduce the risks

The concept of risk-based thinking is an important part of any project at the Company and is used at all stages and levels – from preparing the project documentation to assessing the performance of the implemented project.

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